The Kindness Collection

Oh how our world needs a kindness pandemic right now! As a biz owner I can't sit here any longer hearing about people fighting over toilet paper, abusing supermarket staff, buying everything and leaving nothing for the vulnerable, stealing medical supplies from hospitals, etc. Instead of spreading fear, we need to spread love, and lots of it. Fact is, COVID-19 is here and it's going to affect the most vulnerable in our communities.

So what can we do here at The Dog Mum? Well, we print tees. So this is what we are doing... we have come up with a couple of powerful messages around kindness, as well as a few funny dog related ones too (because our world needs to laugh more right now). And because we love nothing more than giving people the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves, we will be donating 20% of profits from The Kindness Collection to the Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia to help them continue to look after and support our most vulnerable. 

In Jan/Feb this year we raised over 10K for the Bushfire Appeal because of generous people like you! So let's keep this fundraising ball rollin' ;) 

Kindness is FREE and will never be 'sold out', so let's stock up!

Emma xoxo 

The Dog Mum Founder