Every question* you've ever wanted to ask The Dog Mum, answered right here.

*Except what our favourite dog breed is. There’s no answer for that hairy sucker.

Sadly, we don't accept doggy treats or pats. (#Dang)

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Worldwide, baby! Started from the bottom, now we’re here... (#Drake)

If your country of residence isn't coming up at checkout, please get in touch with us at HQ so we can pull out our trusty atlas, and sort it out for you.

Postage and shipping rates vary from region and country, but we’ve popped our most popular locations with pricing and approximate delivery times over here so you can get an idea of what you’re up for.

You sure can! We'll email you a unique lil' link so you can follow your order’s exciting adventure through the postal system (and plan the welcome home party).

We don't offer your standard gift wrapping with a nice lil bow, but we've got an option to add a classy looking eco-friendly packaging option. Which in our opinion looks fiiiine and is better than the standard gift bow anyway. We're always looking for other fun things we can do here though so watch this space...