Every question* you've ever wanted to ask The Dog Mum, answered right here.

*Except what our favourite dog breed is. There’s no answer for that hairy sucker.

Only from the raddest peeps on the planet. (#Duh)

Our human-friendly gear comes from the original gangstas of quality basics, AS Colour. (They stitch 'em. We print 'em.)

And our furbaby threads come from our fave dog-lovin’ homies at American Apparel.

We’re proud as punch to say all our products are handprinted, packed, shipped, and housetrained from our head office located in Brisbane, Australia!

Yep, we’re as fair dinkum’ Aussie as Red Dog chowin’ down on a meat pie, cobber.

We have something for dog lovers of all sizes here at The Dog Mum! From teeny-tiny to roomy ‘n comfy (and every size in between), we’ve got your back, homies.

Make sure you check the sizing charts (ladies, men, fur babies) before placing your order, or if you have a question, get in touch with us here.

You betcha’! We can confidently say that no animals (or hippies) were harmed in making our gear.

We’ve partnered with a global garment manufacturer who's invested BIG dolla’-dollas’ to ensure they have Fair Labour Association accreditations. In fact, they're so committed to producing ethical threads that they also got the thumbs up from the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). (#TooLegitToQuit)

Ensuring our products are 100% ethical and sweatshop-free is something we take very seriously as a brand - and so should you as a consumer. (#Truth)

If you'd like to learn more about how our rad supplier, AS Colour, are leading the charge in all things ethically made, have a look here!

Our goods are made to be worn with pride and love – and if they end up with a few muddy pawprints on them, then all the better!

To make sure your threads last the distance, we recommend you pop them in a wash bag for extra protection, machine wash in cold water only, and followed up with a shady place to dry.

And while our goods are tough enough to play wrestle with the most mischievous of puppies, they don't play well with tumble dryers, dry cleaners, or irons. Probably best to keep those suckers away from your threads, okay?

To get the full nine lives outta' your new TDM bling, we recommend that you keep them out of the water and avoid contact with moisturisers, perfumes, and cleaning products.

If you need to give your jewels a little touch-up, a gentle rub with a soft microfibre cloth should do the trick. (And maybe give 'em a little hug to show how much you adore them.)