Changing the world, one (homeless) puppy at a time.

Here at The Dog Mum, we wholeheartedly believe in giving back to our community of furry friends. (In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we started this brand.) 

That’s why we donate $1 from every order over $25 to various animal-lovin’ charities and not-for-profit organisations who help our lil’ four-legged mates (and the people who love them). 

Our charity/not-for-profit partners are carefully selected by our team, based on specific criteria and guidelines that align with our brand values. We then allow our customers to make a difference as active participants in the give-back process by selecting which partnership they would like their donation to go to.  

We also rotate through our partner charities and NFPs, changing up our partnerships every six months. (Because we wanna share the love, and hot damn, there's a lotta' puppers in the world who need that love.)  

It’s a simple equation really: You + Your purchase = Making a difference in the world.

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