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Rescue Partnership

Your order helps animals in need! 

Here at The Dog Mum we wholeheartedly believe in giving back and providing YOU our amazing customers with the opportunity for your purchase to make a difference. This is why we donate $1 from every order over $25 to Tiki Animal Rescue.

Tiki is a not for profit organisation that dedicates itself to the rescue and rehabilitation of those in need. Tiki has a huge love for the large to giant breeds, having had the opportunity to help some beautiful Danes, Mastiffs and Bull Arabs, all the way to Dingo mixes, Cattle Dogs, Kelpies, Staffys, little fluffy dogs and Maremmas. Tiki works with rural pounds and works very hard to not only take the dogs on death row, but the dogs others won't touch - the dogs with health issues, the dogs with fear issues, and the dogs who just need a safe place to retire. 

With no government funding, Tiki fully depends on donations and fundraising efforts to provide their fosters with premium food and vet care to keep them healthy and at their best. Unfortunately due to their previous lives and lack of nutrition most of Tiki's babies do come hand in hand with health issues and sensitivities.

Thank you so much for playing a part in giving hope to gorgeous fur babies who so desperately need it!