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Photo of Emma, CEO and founder of The Dog Mum.


Founder/Chief Motherpupper
Loves: Travelling, wine, and playing with her dogs (duh.)
Loathes: Chefs in cafes who can’t cook her Eggs Bene to her specifications.


Chief of Operations/OG Dog Dad
Loves: Four-wheel driving, big dogs, and Crispy M&Ms.
Loathes: Slow drivers. (Especially those who hog the right-hand lane.)
Photo of Dan, Chief of Operations at The Dog Mum and OG Dog Dad.


Printing Master/Order Fulfilment Pro
Loves: Soccer, her fur kids, and choccy milkshakes.
Loathes: Unnecessary roadworks and bird poo on her clean car.
Photo of Kasey, printing master and order fulfillment pro at The Dog Mum.
Photo of Kris, website magician/online life saver at The Dog Mum.


Website Magician/Online Life-Saver
Loves: Getting out into nature, learning new skillz and chillin with Bailey her fur baby.
Loathes: Extreme hot weather and clutter.


Director of Naps/Heir to the Throne
Loves: Doggies, The Wiggles, watching aeroplanes, and playing with Boss and Kora.
Loathes: Spinach, brushing his teeth, and the word 'NO'.
Photo of Hunter, Director of naps, heir to the throne at The Dog Mum.
Photo of Boss, The Dog Mum brand muse and OG Fur Baby.


Brand Muse/OG Fur Baby
Loves: Beach trips, bones, and playing with his pet human, Hunter.
Loathes: Being banished to the floor when the couch is full


Quality Control/Security Guard
Loves: Leftovers, going walkies, special dates with her mama, and wearing pink bows.
Loathes: Fireworks, the Postie, and vacuum cleaners.
Photo of Kora, The Dog Mum Quality Control and security guard.

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What makes us the raddest motherpuppers in the dog park

  • Our range is proudly (and lovingly) handprinted here in Brisbane, Australia. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!)

  • We give back to our furry friends with a percentage of profits donated to charity.

  • We support ethical fashion practices and only purchase from fair labour-accredited sources.