I la-la-LOVE your brand! How do I stock your gear in my store?

Well, we la-la-LOVE hearing that! We’re always on the hunt for awesome motherpuppers to join our crew of awesome stockists. 

If you’re a dog-lovin’ business* in Australia or New Zealand and you want to add our products to your shelves, first set up an account (top right hand side of website) and then drop us line here so we can send you a copy of our Wholesaler Agreement to get the ball rolling. 


*Please note: We do not offer credit accounts, and all orders and shipping costs must be paid upfront before delivery. 


What are your wholesale prices?

Ahhh, we aren’t about to let the cat out of the bag with that one!

Get in touch with the crew at HQ to chat about the awesome advantages of becoming a VIP TDM wholesaler. (Spoiler alert: there are HEAPS of 'em.)


Do you stock internationally?

Only if you consider our Kiwi mates across the ditch as 'international'. (Which we do.) But are we stocked in shops around the globe? Not yet, friend – but we’re working on it.


What are your terms of service?

Step right this wayhomie.