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Ain’t no 'hood like dog-motherhood

At The Dog Mum, we don't believe that dogs are 'just' animals.

We don't think motherhood is reserved only for those who have human babies, or that calling your pet your 'furbaby’ is weird. To us, the label 'crazy dog lady' is a badge of honour, not an insult.

Unlike most mothers' groups, we don’t judge you if your baby drinks out of the toilet or eats your favourite sneakers.

We know what it takes to raise pups (dog and human alike). And while we may be called The Dog Mum, we’re really for all animal lovers and pet parents who wanna loudly ‘n proudly share their love for their furbaby with the world.

Whether your pride and joy has four legs, three legs, a beak, a sassy streak, or sheds more fur than Chewbacca on a bad hair day, we understand the unshakeable bond and unconditional love between people and pooches.

We’re for the mamas who know what it’s like to sneak out of work early to go to the beach to play fetch and chase seagulls; the trials and tribulations of house training a Labrador puppy the effort that goes into organising a Pug’s first birthday party, complete with puppy-friendly cake; and the comfort that comes from hugging your rescue dog - especially on those days when you need rescuing yourself.

From first-time fathers to veteran motherpuppers, The Dog Mum celebrates all animal lovers. (And we’re damn proud of it too.)

You know you’re a #dogmum when

• You’re fluent in speaking puppy.

• You think it's outrageous that 'Plus One' on an invitation doesn't mean you can bring your dog as your date.

• You don't clean your windows because those streaky marks are your dog's nose art - and you're damn proud of it.

• You could never be in a relationship with someone allergic to animals. (You just ain’t prepared to have THAT conversation)

• You spend more time Googling 'Can my dog eat pizza?’ than you care to admit.

• You like your dog more than you like most people. (Okay, ALL people)

When it comes to dog-crazy motherpuppers, our founder, Emma, takes the cake.

A devoted mama to her furbabies, Boss and Kora, it was while buying (yet another set of) matching doggy bandannas that Emma noticed a gap in the market for a fashion-forward clothing range targeted at proud pet parents.

Armed with her Bachelors in Marketing & PR, a Masters of Public Relations, and her dream of being a stay-at-home dog mum, Emma and her husband, Dan, set out to create a fun, ethical, iconic brand that reflected the proud identity and sassy attitude of their puppylovin’ posse, while celebrating the special bond between humans and hounds.

Fast forward three years later, and The Dog Mum is Australia's most popular online retailer of ethically-made threads for the sassy #dogmum and #dogdad in the 'hood.

Handprinted with a whole lotta' heart in beautiful Brisbane, The Dog Mum range includes tees, tanks, hoodies, and accessories for all members of your wolf pack - from the tiniest of motherpuppers to OG grandparents.

And while The Dog Mum team may have expanded and changed in recent times (hello, tiny pet human!), their mission - to make dog mums feel seen, loved, and celebrated – remains the same - and always will.

Changing the world, one (homeless) puppy at a time.

Here at The Dog Mum, we wholeheartedly believe in giving back to our community of furry friends. (In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we started this brand.)

That’s why we donate $1 from every order over $25 to various animal-lovin’ charities and not-for-profit organisations who help our lil’ four-legged mates (and the people who love them).

Our charity/not-for-profit partners are carefully selected by our team, based on specific criteria and guidelines that align with our brand values.

We also rotate through our partner charities and NFPs, changing up our partnerships. (Because we wanna share the love, and hot damn, there's a lotta' puppers in the world who need that love.)

It’s a simple equation really: You + Your purchase = Making a difference in the world.

Ready to see why our gear is so damn paw-some?

(Look, we resisted until the very end to make a doggy pun. We're only human, after all.)

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What makes us the raddest motherpuppers in the dog park

  • Our range is proudly (and lovingly) handprinted here in Brisbane, Australia. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!)

  • We give back to our furry friends with $1 from every order donated to a charity.

  • We support ethical fashion practices and only purchase from fair labour-accredited sources.