Ain't no 'hood like dog-mama 'hood

At The Dog Mum, we don't believe that dogs are 'just' animals. We don't think motherhood is reserved only for those who have human babies, or that calling your pet your 'furbaby’ is weird.  To us, the label 'crazy dog lady' is a badge of honour, not an insult.

Unlike most mother’s groups, we don’t judge you if your baby drinks out of the toilet or eats your favourite sneakers.

We know what it takes to raise pups (dog and human alike). And while we may be called The Dog Mum, we’re really for all animal lovers and pet parents who wanna loudly ‘n proudly share their love for their furbaby with the world.

Whether your pride and joy has four legs, three legs, a beak, a sassy streak, or sheds more fur than Chewbacca on a bad hair day, we understand the unshakeable bond and unconditional love between people and pooches.

We’re for the mamas who know what it’s like to sneak out of work early to go to the beach to play fetch and chase seagulls; the trials and tribulations of house training a Labrador puppy; the effort that goes into organising a Pug’s first birthday party, complete with puppy-friendly cake; and the comfort that comes from hugging your rescue dog - especially on those days when you need rescuing yourself.

From first-time fathers to veteran motherpuppers, The Dog Mum celebrates all animal lovers. (And we’re damn proud of it too.)