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Not your average motherpupper.

We didn’t let the dogs out. (But if we did, we would've looked damn good while doing it.)

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Ain’t no 'hood like dog-motherhood

At The Dog Mum, we don't believe that dogs are 'just' animals.

We don't think motherhood is reserved only for those who have human babies, or that calling your dog your 'fur baby’ is weird. And unlike most mothers' groups, we don’t judge you if your baby drinks out of the toilet or eats your favourite sneakers

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The answers to your hairiest questions*, all in one place.

*Disclaimer: Sorry, but we can’t explain why dogs always choose the most expensive pair of shoes to chew on – we’re still scratching our noggins over that one too.

But we’ve answered a bunch of other frequently asked questions, so that’s something.


What makes us the raddest motherpuppers in the dog park

  • Our range is proudly (and lovingly) handprinted here in Brisbane, Australia. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!)

  • We give back to our furry friends with a percentage of profits donated to charity.

  • We support ethical fashion practices and only purchase from fair labour-accredited sources.