Ah, ship it, sh-ship it real good.

Everything you need to know about our shipping options. (And how to get your order into your hot lil’ hands, ASAP.)


Where do you ship to?

Worldwide, baby! Started from the bottom, now we’re here...(#Drake)

If your country of residence isn't listed below or at checkout, please get in touch here so we can pull out our trusty atlas and add it in for you. 

(*Shipping rates vary between countries/regions.)


How long will shipping take?

All regular* TDM orders are shipped from TDM HQ in Brisbane within three (3) business days of the initial order date. In the unlikely event that we’ll require more than three (3) business days to ship your order, we’ll get in contact with you to give you the head’s up. If you require your order urgently, please get in touch with us here, and we’ll do our best to get it out ASAP for you. 

Please note: The Dog Mum does not take any responsibility for lost packages, so if you’re worried about your new BFF wandering off, we recommend sending your goods to a PO Box or workplace.

*Due to the large volume of orders we receive during online/flash sales, we ask that you allow a few extra days for shipping if you place an order during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will love you forever for being so dang cool.


How much is postage/shipping?

Postage and shipping rates vary from region and country, but we’ve popped our most popular locations and pricing below so you can get an idea.


Aussie motherpuppers:

Standard Tracked Shipping*

$8.30 for 500g (T-shirts, tanks, etc.)

$12 for 1kg (Hoodies, etc.) 

Express Tracked Shipping 

$11.55 for 500g (T-shirts, tanks, etc.)

$15 for 1kg (Hoodies, etc.)  




International motherpuppers:

Postage and shipping prices vary from place to place, so we can’t list them all here, unfortunately. (Damn you, international couriers, with your big, wide world to cover!)

Your shipping options and prices will appear at checkout though, and you can choose from International Untracked Shipping, International Tracked Shipping, orInternational Tracked Express Shipping (for those motherpuppers who really can’t wait to get their hands on their new threads).

If you want to know ball-park postage prices on your order before placing it, please get in touch with our rad customer care crew here, and we'll do some digging (for quotes, not gold). Contact us here




Aussie motherpuppers:

Standard postage:  2-6 business days*

Express postage: 1-2 business days*

(*Depending on location. Rural/regional delivery may take longer.)


International motherpuppers:


Standard Shipping (Approx.)

Express Shipping


New Zealand*

5-7 business days

3 business days

United States of America (USA)*

5-6 business days

4 business days


6-11 business days

4 business days

United Kingdom (UK) / Germany

6-8 business days

4 business days

Portugal / Netherlands / Norway

7-9 business days

5 business days


6-10 business days

4 business days


6-9 business days

2 business days


8-11 business days

3 business days


9 business days

4 business days

Isle of Dogs

Pfft, not a real place.

(But we like the sound of it.)


Can I track my order?

You sure can! Select one of the tracked shipping options (standard or express) at checkout, and we'll email you a unique lil' link so you can follow your order’s exciting adventure through the postal system (and plan the welcome home party).